Hello there!

Hello! For my first post, I just wanted to lay out what it is I intend to do with this space going forward. I’ve had this domain for some time (1 year plus!) without putting it to any actual purpose. I bought it with the vague intention of using it for something more professional, but never really got further than that. So, here’s what I want to do with it so far:

USMLE Note bank – I’m going to start (slowly) uploading my USMLE notes as I make them whilst studying for it myself. I hope they might be helpful to others, but mainly it’s for me to track my own progress through the hard slog that is the USMLE. I also want to provide a reference of links to textbooks, question banks, and other online resources that I find helpful along the way.

Medical textbook reviews – There are a lot of them out there. And they all cost silly prices.

Blog – This used to be something I did as a hobby, but fell away with university. It probably won’t be often or very personal, but I might make a few posts here and there.

Professional – I don’t know. Maybe I’ll upload my CV or something on here. I’m not sure why, because I don’t intend to work in a sector where this is the norm.

I look forward to gradually expanding this website with time!

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